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Relying on its own advantageous medical resources in the United States and taking the Great Health Companion as the super entrance to build intelligent medical treatment as well as through the linking with domestic and foreign medical institutions, the company provides patients with overall cross-border medical solutions such as remote consultation, medical treatment in the United States, medical consultation in the United States and other cross-border medical treatment solutions.

Great Health Companion and more than 300 large medical institutions including grade 3 and first-class hospitals in China have jointly built an international medical center to create the scene of "hospital in hospital". The domestic doctors with patients will consult with overseas experts through the form of video remotely to obtain the second opinion of diagnosis and treatment, and combine the second opinion of diagnosis and treatment in the hospital. Great Health Companion has created a unique closed loop of online remote consultation, offline treatment and follow-up services, from consultation, treatment to re-consultation and follow-up, which are managed by the same group of Chinese and American doctors to ensure the continuity of treatment.

The remote medical platform developed by Great Health Companion, which is established in accordance with the American medical regulations and the HIPAA Act (patient privacy protection), is the largest cross border medical treatment platform of video consultation service in China and is the only one cross-border medical service institution in China that has cooperated with over 100 hospitals. According to statistics, the adoption rate of second opinion of Chinese doctors to American experts is as high as 85%.

CareConnectors, a subordinated company of an artificial intelligence analyst, helps health insurers manage clients and control risks. Through the cooperation with federal health insurance companies in the United States, the company shares tens of millions of patients' health data with them, and applies the independently developed artificial intelligence (AI) analysis platform to analyze and prioritize the massive data of medical history data of medical insurance users. On the one hand, it can help chronic diseases to detect and control the disease and complications before the disease occurs. On the other hand, it also provides real-time and effective data resources for insurance companies to monitor patients' health and help them realize risk control. The company is also working with Inovalon, a NASDAQ-listed company based in the United States and a well-known data analysis company based on cloud platform, to support the business of its cooperative insurance company.

Hangzhou Yili Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the Company, is dedicated to the medical prediction and data analysis driven by artificial intelligence technology. The company will combine the insurance database, umbilical cord blood database, disease database and medical resources owned by Great Health Companion to provide personalized medical solutions for patients.

The electronic medical record system independently developed by CORSIA Technology provides medical information services to South American countries and the military. It improves the management efficiency of medical institutions, connects and communicates with the group's medical big data, realizes medical cloud services from storage, analysis to diagnosis, and has remote medical functions.

The offshore cooperation of Great Health Companion is dedicated to providing medical care services to the American medical establishment and the doctor group. Currently, the company owns a medical network and has cooperated with more than 10,000 specialist doctors.

Great Health Companion has cooperated with Meraas holdings, a subsidiary of the Dubai Royal, to become the top operating manager of its "world famous medical hospital".

Great Health Companion holds and participates in a number of companies, covering business area such as North America (USA), South America, the Middle East (Dubai) and Asia Pacific, and the business scope covers key links in the great health ecosystem such as medical service, health management, medical science and technology investment, health care, medical treatment, medical equipment and biological medicine, etc., and it is superimposed on the platform of Great Health Companion for the second in-depth service, and popularized by the academic promotion team of over 1,000 people.

It provides quality medical services covering the entire federal government to its local customers through its federal health insurance company in the United States.

In China, the company established Anke Life Insurance, providing guarantee for the downstream channel customers of Great Health Companion. At the same time, the company will integrate the international multi-party resources to create "cross-border medical insurance", enabling the business of remote consultation, going to the United States for medical treatment and so on.

Through the insurant resources, policy history, detailed diagnosis and treatment data and claims data accumulated in the insurance business, and through AI analysis, the risk control management data of great value are obtained, which are used in the fields of disease risk prediction, accurate management of slow diseases and insurance coefficient adjustment.

The company realizes the interconnection and coordination of medical information between multiple hospitals and even the whole region through the cooperation with health authorities and medical associations through the heterogeneous integrated platform independently developed by the company. On this basis, the company has cooperated with community hospitals to establish a chronic disease management center, and to combine the cloud platform of chronic disease management with the smart medical detection instruments and health wearable devices owned by Great Health Companion to create an O2O closed loop of chronic disease management and health services. At the same time, it provides personalized service scheme of chronic disease through medical artificial intelligence.

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